New partnership creates new opportunities.

11 February 2020

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SIBELCO and AMPECO want to follow common paths from 2020.

SIBELCO Deutschland GmbH and AMPECO GMBH want to work together in their efforts to offer new innovative products
and services to the German blasting abrasive market.

SIBELCO owns abrasive production facilities for well-known and proven products in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.
The company also develops new blasting abrasives and sells them in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

As a proven trading company for environmentally friendly and sustainable disposable and reusable blasting abrasives,
now AMPECO is the new SIBELCO sales partner and entrusted with the sale of the products NAstra® and SCOREX®
in the German postcode areas 4,5,6,7,8.

We are strengthened in our efforts to offer resource-saving and sustainable products to the German blasting abrasives market.
AMPECO is currently the largest provider of different disposal abrasives made in Germany and Europe, and our existing blasting
abrasive portfolio is being significantly expanded through cooperation with SIBELCO.