AMPECO improved its service sustainably!

28 September 2015

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Before our international customers may trade and work with our products. we do a variety of required and time-consuming formalities. Verifying these workflows continuously is our understanding of quality management – for offering better or even faster service solutions. Hence we have optimized our operational procedures. lmmediately we are able to create the certificates of origin by using an electronic online-process – for a faster handling of clearance papers.

AMPECO is a premium supplier for industrial minerals. Directly from lndia we provide the European supplier markets with our high quality products. Thus we offer our customers full service, i.e. starting with consultancy, order and transportation management up to processing of import and delivery papers.

In many third countries the admissibility of imports depend on the proof of (non-preferential) origin by a public document, the certificate of origin. lf the certificate of origin is missing at the import custom clearance, the goods can not be imported and have to stored by surveillance of the customs administration. This circumstance causes significant costs until the certificate of origin is finally provided.

Our goal is to offer our customers the best possible service. Therefore we chose the electronic onlineĀ­process offered by the Chamber of Commerce and lndustry and the corresponding company D-TRUST. That allows us to react as quickly as possible on our short-term demand of certificates of origins.
With the help of the qualified electronic signature (QES) by the D-TRUST card, which includes a qualified person certificate, we can apply for the creation of a certificate of origin electronically now. We have invested in the necessary, technical equipment and our authorized employees are allowed to submit the application for issuance of a certificate of origin via the Internet to the Chamber of Commerce and lndustry. D-TRUST stands as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the german Bundesdruckerei for maximum data security and certified quality.
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