New VitroBlast®-packaging

6 October 2015

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After the successful market launch of our glass-blasted product VitroBlast®, now we are proud to leave the previous and general packaging behind and welcome the brand-new sack designed with logo and further product information.

Herewith we take a step forward to our goal, expanding the freshly product, based on hollow and flat glass, to a strong and independent brand in the blasting abrasives market. „Besides there are more than ten thousand sacks on their way to different blasting abrasive projects all over Europe.”, says Matthias Krakow, Head of Division Blasting Abrasives at AMPECO.

Furthermore we as the European agency maintain an inten­sive product marketing to bring the benefits of VitroBlast® into the European blasting abrasives markets. Therefore we strenghten the sales success of our European trading partners and increase the image of the brand VitroBlast®. Moreover we confirm our retail structure and last but not least – we enhance the identification with a natural and eco-friendly blasting abrasive product of the future: VitroBlast® is characterized by its sustainability and thus clearly stands out from comparable products.

block bottom sack 400 x 650 x 140 mm 90 g paper / 20µm HT-films / 70 g paper bag weight: 112 g
bag closing: tie wire
shrink hood with UV stabilizer and UV adsorber transparent, film thickness 125 µm
CPl-pallet (1000 x 1200) with 40 bags of 25 kg, 5 layer each with 8 bags.