Blasting Abrasives 2.0

22 June 2017

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Totally powerful: Glass blasting abrasive VitroBlast® is growing in the market

The blasting abrasive market is changing and the resulting opportunities inspire the upward trend for sustainable products. Until now the low-priced coal slag is preferably used, but the market is already looking for alternatives to ensure availability.

VitroBlast® is a natural, environmentally friendly blasting abrasive of the future, which is characterized by sustainable availability and which stands out clearly from comparable products. It is particularly dust-free, iron-free and with its varying grades useful for gentle cleanings as well as for high removal rates.

Blasting abrasive made of flat glass have been around for many years, so far it is only found in smaller market niches – a larger market access remained in the past.

Since mid of 2013 AMPECO achieves with VitroBlast® in corporation with the producer Reidt, located in Stollberg, a steadily growing market acceptance among the alternative disposable and reusable blasting abrasives and delivers constantly and Europe-wide.